This guy Acts!

This is the official website of Actor Joshua Michael Payne!

I'm Josh and I get excited easily.  Thanks for visiting my website!  I'm an actor who also directs/writes/edits/plays amateur ping-pong/eats bagels.

Please watch my Reel, view my resume, or do anything and everything that would convince you, internet-person of importance, that I am in fact exactly the man you've been searching for.  Forgive the amount of forward slashes that have been used already on this home page.  There may or may not be many more throughout the website.


"I'm so proud of you, honey!" - Josh's Mom

"Who's that, the guy from The Hunger Games?" -Random Guy

"Would you like a drink with that?" -McDonald's Employee


Working Productions

"Wild Men"
I am ridiculously excited to announce that I have been cast as a supporting role in the upcoming Feature Film, "Wild Men".  

I play Billy, a 22 year old recent graduate in anthropology who manages to find a job as a production assistant on the set of a reality TV show.  This TV show, called "Wild Men" hunts down the ever-elusive create known as Sasquatch.  Billy and the rest of the gang are in for a lot more than they bargained for.

We begin production on October 1, 2014 along the Delaware River.

More information coming soon!

"The Kitchen Play"

I've been lucky enough to have been cast in the inaugural production of "The Kitchen Play" by Brian Kirchner.  I play John, a 26 year old with a lot of energy, wit, and volition who is living at home with his parents and sister. 

We open on August 11th at the Roy Arias Theater (43 St./8th ave) in New York City and I would sure love it if you could be there!

To reserve tickets please email with your name, show time/day, and number of tickets.

"Just in Case"
Uh oh!  My director side is showing!  I'm super amped to be co-directing & producing the short feature-film "Just in Case" alongside the talented writer/director/actress Erin Maloney.

We are currently in pre-production, and will be heading to set from late August to early September.

We're looking at a release early-mid 2015.

Keep an eye out for more updates!  Super excited to be a part of this project.

Email with any questions regarding the film.