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Booked the Part! - "Traitor"

I love history. And period piece films. And the American Revolution.

So! I couldn't be more thrilled to have BOOKED the role of "Caleb Brewster" in Benji Dunaief's upcoming short film, "Traitor"!

Caleb was an essential spy within the Culper Spy Ring during the American revolution. The film tells the true story of the capture of British Major John Andre by the Continental Spymaster, Benjamin Tallmadge.

This will be my first period piece! Thrilled. Excited. Ready to get to work.

Shooting will take place in early July, 2018.

Joshua Payne
Signed with Avalon Artists Group!

As of today I am signed and working with Avalon Artists Group!

Avalon is a bi-coastal agency that works on both film/tv and theatrical productions.

My agents are Craig Holzberg and Ellery Sandhu.

Time to get to work!  Couldn't be more excited about this!


Joshua Payne
Freelancing with David McDermott and JG&D!

As of today, I am officially freelancing with David McDermott in the Adult Commercial department at JG&D Talent!

It's a SAG/Equity licensed agency, and is a great one to be a part of in the land of Commercial acting.

Now let's get to booking some commercials!

Joshua Payne
New Headshots!

Couldn't be more excited to have received the final version of my new headshots today.  They were taken by the one and only Deborah Lopez, and she did an incredible job!

I couldn't be more thrilled.  Check them out on the "Actor" page!


Joshua Payne
New Website Design Launch!

Super excited to be here with this new website design!  I'm still tweaking, and will likely continue to be tweaking the design for a while, but overall I'm very pleased and excited with where I hope it will take my career.

The emphasis for this site is on myself as more than just an actor, but as an actor, writer, and filmmaker.  I look forward to pursuing a career as much as a writer and filmmaker in the future, so I'm hopeful that this website will help me accomplish those things.

As always, thank you SO MUCH for stopping by!  


Joshua Payne